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Indie88 Premiere: Jay Swinn sings of life’s ups and downs on new track ‘Empty Bottle’

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Jay Swinn has shared a new track called “Empty Bottle,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Staying up late can nearly ruin your life if you let it,” Swinn explains. “My new track, ‘Empty Bottle,’ is about life’s ups and downs. This song is for anyone who has stared at an empty bottle at dawn, wondering where it’s all gone.”

“Empty Bottle” has a fun-loving guitar riff with a bit of a country-twang, as Swinn delivers rollicking vocal lines. This stomp-worthy tune feels like a track you’d want to play driving along some country roads with the windows down when the sun is out.

Listen to “Empty Bottle” below.

“‘Empty Bottle’ started as an instrumental that I wrote with guitarist Phil Miles,” Swinn continues. “I tracked the song alone, usually early in the morning. I tend to go for a walk before the light of day, and find inspiration in the quiet of the city. The track was completed for almost a year before I found the right vocal melody and lyrics. Sometimes waiting on a song to reveal itself is necessary, though frustrating.”

Lead photo courtesy of Ashton Swinnerton.

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