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Indie88 Premiere: Jef Maarawi shares video for new protest song ‘TERRA PAPAGALLI’

Jef Maarawi has shared a video for the title track to his new album, TERRA PAPAGALLI, premiering now on Indie88.

“TERRA PAPAGALLI,” which translates to Land of Parrots, was one of the first names ever given to the country now called Brazil. Serving as a sort of fragile protest song with alt-fook roots and electronic touches, this wishful new tune is definitely a must-listen. The accompanying video sees someone in a fur jacket holding the lyrics on big white signs, throwing them away as two people decked out in white hazmat suits toss what appear to be body bags into a van in the background.

“‘TERRA PAPAGALLI’ is about Brazil, seen from a distance,” Maarawi explains. “It’s a protest song made fragile by misguided irony. The music video is inspired by Bob Dylan, the mythos of popular culture, and a troubling sensation that no matter how convincing, the smoke and the mirrors, the Entertainment, the generously ample breeding grounds for our Brands, there’s always a growling coming from outside. There’s just something not right.”

Watch the video for “TERRA PAPAGALLI” below.

Maarawi’s new album TERRA PAPAGALLI was also released today, and it marks the follow-up to Maarawi’s 2017 debut solo album.


Lead photo courtesy of Eftyhia Vlahou.

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