Indie88 Premiere: Jenny Banai releases retro new single ‘Intermittent Heart’

Banai's new album 'couch walker' drops on July 17

Jenny Banai has shared a retro new single called “Intermittent Heart.”

Banai truly feels like an old soul on this track, with clever pop arrangements that still feel reminiscent of the past, as her throaty vocal lines take the lead, delivering powerful, vulnerable lyrics.

“‘Intermittent Heart’ started as a poem about the philosophical and theological discussions I find myself in,” Banai explains. “I always feel emotionally involved in these conversations because they are, oftentimes, with people I deeply care about – people who used to think or believe in God, or hold certain values and truths, but no longer do. But I do. I wonder about the synchronicity of our intuition, and how to carry myself when ours don’t meet.”

Listen to “Intermittent Heart” below.

“I was very weepy through the process, fresh out of a relationship I thought I had moved on from, which involved a lot of discussion about faith,” Banai explains. “I sing about closeness and the longing for that closeness when core beliefs are fundamentally different. Is closeness enough? Is love enough if your worldview clashes? In hindsight, I wondered if I wrote a song about my relationship’s end… I tried to write it differently, not wanting to trust my intuition.”

The track comes off of Banai’s forthcoming album couch walker, which is set for release on July 17th.
Lead photo courtesy of Lindsay Sjoberg and Jordyn Taylor.