Indie88 Premiere: JoJo Worthington releases new video for ‘Small Encounters’

Her forthcoming album 'TCYK (The Company You Keep)' is set for release on June 7

Experimental post-folk artist JoJo Worthington has just released a new video for her track “Small Encounters.”

The track itself is a hazy, shoegaze style tune, with gloomy, melancholic instrumentation and silky, almost ambient vocal lines. The slow, vulnerable song comes accompanied by a beautifully coloured video that sees Worthington dressed in full bridal attire at the alter of a church, sitting in an extravagant, reflective chair in the middle of a club, and eventually getting lost in the crowd of dancers.

“‘Small Encounters’ is a hazy recollection of navigating tumultuous relationships. It is a memory of fleeting, momentary encounters. The loneliness of empty beds nights after. A spectre of drunken nights and small encounters,” Worthington tells Indie88. “It’s also a song about how frequently sexual assault occurs in clubs – public spaces where people should be safe to dance with their friends – and how easily this can be brushed off as being the ‘norm’ in these types of environments.”

Watch the video for “Small Encounters” below.

Worthington’s forthcoming album TCYK (The Company You Keep) is set for release on June 7th, 2019.