Indie88 Premiere: Jordi Up Late shares video for new single ‘Wasting Away’

A captivating video animated by Jordi Up Late

Jordi Up Late has shared a video for hew new single “Wasting Away,” premiering below on Indie88.

“Wasting Away” comes packed with a perfectly bubbly bedroom pop instrumental line, as Jordi Up Late’s silky vocals take the lead, delivering lines like, “Tell me I’m fine but show no love/ Be there in time to give me up.” The accompanying video, which was directed, animated, and edited by Jordi Up Late herself, comes packed with flashing, colourful graphics that are sure to captivate you.

“‘Wasting Away’ is about a flirtationship,” Jordi Up Late explains. “Every once in a while we have a friend who gives us one too many lingering glances and a few too many compliments for platonic. Teasing cane fun but sometimes frustrating if you are waiting for the other shoe to drop but it never does and meanwhile, you are ‘Wasting Away.'”

Watch the video for “Wasting Away” below.