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Indie88 Premiere: Keegan Powell shares video for new track ‘There’s A Mountain’

Toronto artist Keegan Powell, who has composed songs for Chastity, has shared a video for his brand new single called “There’s A Mountain.”

The melancholic new track comes packed with a stunning acoustic guitar-driven instrumental line, as Powell delivers silky vocals, singing lines like, “You know where we could survive/ Somewhere there’s a mountain/ Where lovers and dreamers rule.” The accompanying clip comes packed with cinematic shots of Powell singing along to the track on the beach.

“‘There’s A Mountain’ was inspired by thinking of a better day for not only yourself – but everyone around you,” Powell explains. “It’s a declaration to realizing imagined states. Whatever we are yearning for we can have as long as we keep dreaming about it. When I finished the song, I knew I had never written a song quite like this, which is always an exciting feeling. It was as if another voice within myself, something a bit more earnest and forthcoming had revealed itself through me. I think in those situations it’s best to not deny yourself of what you’ve done and just let it be as much as you can.”

Listen to “There’s A Mountain” below.

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