Indie88 Premiere: Kory J Ross drops new music video for ’40 Years’

The video sees a balance of home video footage and futuristic shots

Mappe Of collaborator Kory J Ross has just dropped a new music video for his spacey, ambient track, “40 Years.”

“This song was part of a release that I started and finished while I was confined to my father’s basement, alone and healing a broken collarbone,” Ross explains to Indie88. “It was a bare-bones production, using just what I had at my disposal and sampling any analog sounds I came across. I released ’40 Years’ in 2018 and just sat on it until Kyle Marchen (the director) came to me about shooting a short film featuring a song from the EP. In the end, what Kyle & Public Space Productions did fit so well tonally and thematically – I think the video really saved my project from evaporating into the depths of the Internet.”

The accompanying video revolves around a balance of home video footage interspersed with futuristic shots of cell phones and robot-like masks. The video hopes to reflect the idea of safety and a numbing security that comes accompanied with the idea of success, highlighting a peculiar dream-like suburban state of being.

Watch the video for “40 Years” below.