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Indie88 Premiere: Kyle Edward Connolly shares video for new track ‘Quick Thought’

Kyle Edward Connolly has shared a video for “Quick Thought,” the second single from his debut solo album, On Arrival, which is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula. The new video is premiering here on Indie88.

“‘Quick Thought’ is a love song about friendship,” Connolly explains. “It’s about taking chances and getting out of your comfort zone, breaking free of whatever is holding you back. It’s about the beauty of being in a band or a group or a gang. The sum is greater than the parts.”

The track comes packed with a driven acoustic guitar line with a country twang, and dreamy, crooning vocals. The accompanying video sees some vintage footage reworked with unique edits to add a futuristic, trippy twist.

Watch the video for “Quick Thought” below.

On Arrival is a spontaneous album trying to capture a feeling and moment in time,” Connolly explains of the album. “Recorded from the comforts of home in Toronto, periodically over the course of a year, using outdated and at best semi-functional recording equipment. Friends stopping by now and then, inevitably, would also participate even if it was just to capture a fleeting glimpse of an idea.”

Stream On Arrival below.

Lead photo courtesy of Colin Medley.

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