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Indie88 Premiere: Left Field Messiah share explosive new track ‘Feels Like Summer’

Left Field Messiah, made up of Hot Hot Heat’s Steve, Fitz and the Tantrums’ Jeremy, and Wilding!’s Erik, have returned with a new single called “Feels Like Summer,” premiering now on Indie88.

The explosive new track comes packed with captivating instrumentals, some killer brass lines, and gritty vocals as we hear the refrain, “It feels like summer.” This must-listen tune is sure to pull you in, with layers and layers of deep grooves.

“We had a week of writing and recording in L.A. planned and Jeremy and I thought it would be cool to get together and create a handful of starts before Steve got to town,” Left Field Messiah explain of the track. “Jeremy came to my studio with 40 pedals and 10 keyboards and we spent a few hours putting chords to beats and letting our inspiration run in whatever direction it could. What ended up becoming “Feels Like Summer” started as a really cool instrumental spark called “Amazing Warble,” with a wall of synths and a beat I pulled off of one of my cassette tapes. The coolest thing about the process for me is hearing the beginning and comparing it to the end and hearing how much the three of us contributed both together, and then individually by the time we reached the finish line. In terms of a message and meaning, there was so much nostalgia in the initial “warble” that we really embraced it and ended up with a song full of self-reflection and contemplating where we are now and the twists and turns it took to get here.”

Listen to “Feels Like Summer” and check out an exclusive Q&A with Left Field Messiah about the track below.

Was there a unique aspect of the songwriting or recording process? If yes, elaborate

“I think the most unique aspect of this song’s recording process is how we nearly didn’t finish writing it. Steve was in L.A. for a week and we started “Feels Like Summer” in the 11th hour of our trip and stayed up all night trying to finish it. I remember we got to the bridge and it was 3:45 am and Steve had a ride coming to pick him up at 5 am to get to the airport. We hit a serious roadblock and couldn’t finish the last few lines of the bridge. It was a classic case of overthinking or over complicating and at 4:45 am, Steve said hit record and sang “our life could be so simple, this life could be so simple, our life could be so simple.” He said, “guys the song’s done, I have to go.” He jumped into a car and the song was finished and I can’t imagine better lines to end on.”

What are three descriptors/adjectives that best describe this release?


Do you associate specific imagery or a visual theme with the song?

“You’ve got the magical lyrical imagery of Machu Picchu and all of the warm summer vibes, mixed with an internal melancholy about this person trying so hard to rescue their lover from their own sadness and possibly dark past. The song is like life- it’s beautiful and hard at the same time.”

Was there a particular mood you were trying to capture? A story you were trying to tell?

“We love songs where the music might be telling one story, but the lyrics might be telling another story on top of that. We didn’t set out with a particular mission, other than to do what we always do: Make music that we would want to listen to ourselves. If we can keep ourselves entertained, we’re betting everyone else will be entertained too. The music in “Feels Like Summer” is lush and inviting, but the words are really emotional and tell a complex inner story.”

How do you consider this track in the context of your sound’s evolution?

“Each of us has a crazy schedule where we’re trying to balance touring, family, and just life in general. So when we get together, it’s with a purpose; there’s no time to mess around and do anything that we don’t consider to be 100% dope. We also always just let the moment move us. We have so many amazing ideas that are on the cutting room floor because all the stars didn’t align at that particular moment and guide us to musical nirvana. This song came at the end of one of our 5 day sessions, where we basically sequestered ourselves in the studio and stayed up 20 hours a day searching for the gems. So it’s a culmination of the agony of sleep deprivation, creative plunder, and the search for greatness.”

Do you have a favourite lyric from this track that you’d like to highlight? Why is that significant to you?

“Eric and Steve always have this crazy lyrical chemistry that always ends with something dope. I love the line “high like Machu Picchu.” It’s hooky but also helps tell the story.”

Anything else noteworthy? Perhaps about the song title?

“When we wrote the song, it was pre-pandemic, and we could never have known the new meaning it would take on now that we’re releasing it. Right now, so many people are just coming back online, starting to look around and get back into living life. Just in time for Summer. So the title of the song has taken on an even deeper meaning- it’s Summer, and there are all of these emotions. And the line “all I want to do is go back home” almost seems like we’re saying that “home” is just…life as we know it.”

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