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Indie88 Premiere: Les Shirley share acoustic backyard video for ‘Forget It I’m in Love’

Female Montreal punk trio Les Shirley have shared a backyard acoustic video for their track “Fuck It I’m In Love” called “Forget It I’m In Love,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Forget It I’m In Love” is a captivating acoustic version of the original track that lets the relatable lyricism of the track shine. Les Shirley deliver catchy lines like, “I can take a fight/ I can get in line/ Forget it I’m in love.” The picturesque video sees the trio taking to a scenic yard right on the water with a fountain in the background. Throughout the clip, the band deliver a fun-loving rendition of the track as a dog comes in and out of the shot to check out what’s going on.

“We shot this video on a hot summer afternoon in Sarah’s parents’ backyard in St-Jean near Monreal,” the band explains. “It was so peaceful out there, with the birds and the fountain, we couldn’t help ourselves: we had to play rock music.”

Watch the backyard acoustic video for “Forget It I’m In Love” below.

“This song is the most emblematic of the 2000’s punk rock era on the album,” the band explains of “Fuck It (Forget It) I’m In Love.” “It’s about love at first sight, this instant connection with someone else, the feeling that everything is as it should be in the right timing. Making the painful realization that you’re falling and losing control but choosing to let go. Fuck it, I’m in love.”

Where the original version of the tune is much more rowdy, the acoustic version feels more laid back and chill. “Fuck It I’m In Love,” on the other hand, sees Les Shirley layering rowdy guitars atop a beachy riff, for a grittier punk anthem. This version of the track calls on the sounds of The Beaches or JJ Wilde.

Listen to “Fuck It I’m In Love” below.

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