Indie88 Premiere: Listen to Odd Years’ New Album ‘Slow Clap’

An exclusive listen to the Guelph band's new album

The Guelph supergroup known as Odd Years are releasing their new album Slow Clap on April 14, and we have your first exclusive listen right here.

Comprised of members from Cuff The Duke, Lowlands, and Minotaurs, the members of Odd Years have known each other for years. Thomas Hammerton (Keys, Vocals), AJ Johnson (Vocals, Guitar), Matt Monoogian (Drums, Pedal Steel, Vocals), and Dustin Seabrook (Guitar, Baritone Guitar, 12 String) grew up together in Woodstock, Ont., while JJ Gallo (Bass, Vocals) joined the group after Hammerton, Johnson, Monoogian, and Seabrook reunited in Guelph.

In comparison to 2013’s debut Drawing Lines, Slow Clap demands more space. With this new album, we see a much louder and more established Odd Years, fitting into their voice more comfortably than ever before. The band’s longstanding friendship is evident in the interconnectedness and laid back flow of Slow Clap and according to lead songwriter AJ Johnson, this is exactly the aura the band wanted to create. Johnson pointed out that he wants fans to feel “excitement” when listening to Slow Clap, “like when you get a melody stuck in your head.”

“I always like that when I listen to music,” said Johnson.


In terms of Drawing Lines, Johnson explained that their debut album was born out of jams on a front porch, and it was the more “drive-y or rock-y” songs from that last album that they wanted to play off of in Slow Clap.

“[…] those are always super fun to play and I think we got kind of enjoyment out of that. […] in writing Slow Clap, there was a little more emphasis on those kinds of songs and maybe slower songs would serve a purpose somewhere else.”

Slow Clap has surfaced at the perfect time — it’s a summer album, one that demands the kind of energy that’s found in those first truly warm days of May, when school’s out for the day and the last thing you want to do is run inside. It’s addicting and lighthearted, and exactly what Johnson described as being the kind of album that’ll get stuck in your head. Listen to Slow Clap below.