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Indie88 Premiere: Lost In Japan sing of life on tour on infectious new single ‘Red Line’

Lost In Japan are back with a new single called “Red Line,” premiering now on Indie88.

The punchy new single is inspired by tour life and being away from your loved ones. “Red Line” follows the release of their most recent EP, Somedays. It’s an infectious, upbeat indie-pop tune that you’re sure to find yourself revisiting again and again. While “Red Line” may be inspired by the life of a band, the metaphorical lyrics are all about love.

“‘Red Line’ was written at a time in our life where we didn’t know where we were going. Seeing others through online platforms made us unsure of how to take this band forward,” Lost In Japan explain. “Watching a commercial featuring a character who spray painted a red line onto the cement inspired the writing of this track, which focuses on crossing a line into the unknown.”

Listen to “Red Line” below.

“We developed a story for ‘Red Line’ about two friends who meet years after falling out. They both want to remember the past as ‘golden days,’ but have changed so much since seeing each other that they can never go back to those times,” Lost In Japan continue. “This is a soundtrack for crossing boundaries into uncertainty.”

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