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Indie88 Premiere: Loviet performs from a picturesque field in video for new single ‘Picture’

Loviet has shared a video for her new single, “Picture,” premiering now on Indie88.

The track comes from Loviet’s forthcoming album, 777. “Picture” is a perfect preview of the album, as she moves toward an earthy, cathartic sound. With pulsing keys and a driven beat, you’ll find yourself revisiting this song again and again. The accompanying video is stunning, as Loviet performs in a field. The gritty, purple tinge to the clips gives the continuous, one-shot video even more dimension.

“When we reached out to Ryan about making the video, he sent me a pitch that instantly hooked me and translated everything this song was about,” Loviet explains. “It was so cathartic creating this track, with the pace and beat pulling me forward, and somehow Ryan was able to create that exact feeling and motion in the video using a one take continuous shot and some really amazing cinematic touches.”

Watch the video for “Picture” below.

More on the new Loviet video:

“I feel this disconnect from real life when most of my life is spent behind a screen and I have to navigate 1000s of people, interactions and photos a day. This was long before covid times, but obviously it’s been a different world since,” Loviet adds.

“Doing this video shoot in a field in the middle of nowhere, feeling the grass in my hands and fresh air in my lungs, performing with little time to spare as the sun was going down; just being at the mercy of the natural world again felt really special. Drawing the parallel by making this our scene instead of trying to film something cold and inside of a box, when that’s already where we’ve spent the last 2 years, and where this video will exist forever.”

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Lead photo courtesy of the artist.

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