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Indie88 Premiere: Madisyn Gifford shares video for debut track ‘Without You’

Vancouver artist Madisyn Gifford has shared a video for her debut single “Without Me” via 604 Records, premiering below on Indie88.

The silky new track is a soft, but powerful ballad, revolving around a stark piano line that truly allows Gifford’s throaty vocals to shine, delivering lines like, “But now I’m searching empty streets/ Just waiting to hear your name.” The accompanying Zachary Vague-directed video comes packed with warm shots of Gifford reminiscing on memories.

“‘Without You’ is a song about heartbreak and loss,” Gifford explains. “It was one of the first songs I had ever written when I was seventeen years old and going through a few different kinds of heartbreaks all at once. I think that comes through in the lyrics because the song isn’t necessarily romantic and can be applied to any type of loss. More than anything it’s about those last few difficult steps before moving on, accepting that someone is never going to be in your life the way that they once were.”

Watch the video for “Without You” below.

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