Indie88 Premiere: Marlon Chaplin drops video for new track ‘A Single Drop’

A track that explores the relationship between technology and genuine human connection

Marlon Chaplin has just released a new music video for “A Single Drop,” the fourth single off of his debut album The Circle

The track is a powerhouse track with catchy, relatable lyrics that explore the dichotomy between technology and genuine human connection. The Justin Friesen directed video follows Marlon and his band as they spend a night out in Toronto without technology, as two other female characters spend their time in the city distracted by their cell phones. The video is filmed entirely on 1960s film, with the goal of looking at modern lyrics and themes through a vintage medium.

Watch the video for “A Single Drop” below.

“The theme of the music and artwork centres around ideas of a cyclical nature,” Chaplin explains of the album. “Be it social, economic, spiritual, or technological. It’s about growth, birth, death and everything in between.”