Indie88 Premiere: Michael C. Duguay shares new track ‘Twenty-Five To Life’

'The Winter of Our Discotheque' is set for release on September 24

While gearing up for the release of his forthcoming album The Winter of Our Discotheque, which is set for release on September 24th, Michael C. Duguay has shared a new track called “Twenty-Five To Life.”

The new album will mark Duguay’s first record in almost a decade, and it’s made up of a collection of tracks that explore Duguay’s life in hospital beds, shelters, and addiction treatment.

“Twenty-Five to Life” revolves around the story of Duguay’s experience meeting a convict who recently paroled, and the room they shared together at a Salvation Army shelter back in 2016. “When I was living in the Salvation Army, I shared a common love of mid-90’s radio rock with many of the other residents and that we played together in the shelter’s space,” Duguay explains. “That was the first time I had communed with music in years, and it was a sacred experience.”

Listen to “Twenty Five To Life” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Jamie Kronick.