Indie88 Premiere: Minotaurs New Album ‘AUM’

Listen to the Canadian band's new album

There’s no shortage of new music with Minotaurs. The Canadian band is back with the follow up to last year’s album Weird Waves. Described as an “apocalyptic-psychedelic-afro-folk-epic,” the group’s upcoming album AUM is set to release this Friday, May 26th.

As its title suggests, this new album is meant to serve as a meditation on the creative process and an ode to the spiritual journey that accompanies it. According to Minotaurs member Nathan Lawr (Vocals, Keys, Percussion), AUM serves as “an extension” of Weird Waves.

“We continue our exploration of the ways psychedelia and dance music and pop songs can come together. Weird Waves was about venturing outward, into the universe, to find answers about our world, what is wrong with and how we might fix it. AUM is about venturing inward, to explore what within ourselves we might access to find solutions to the fractures and divisions between us that seem more intractable than ever.”

Minotaurs are currently on tour, with three upcoming Canadian shows. Listen to their new album, AUM, below.