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Indie88 Premiere: Minotaurs Share New Stop Motion Video

Ontario-based band Minotaurs are set to drop their new record, AUM, on May 26. Indie88 is pleased to premiere a new video for “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine” from the collaborative outfit.

The collective enlisted Canadian singer, songwriter, and activist Sarah Harmer to lend some vocals for “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine.” The video, directed by Colin Harrington of A Pocket History of Mars, features some very cool stop motion visuals spliced with some retro footage.

“The late psychedelic guru Terrence McKenna’s big theory was that prehistoric human consumption of psychoactive plants contributed to human brain evolution, literally turning our brains ‘on,'” Minotaurs’ Nathan Lawr said in a release. “He argued they woke us up to the kaleidoscopic world of sensory possibilities.

“These days, with the Orange Ape in the White House and 2 dimensional screens altering our relationships with one another, McKenna’s ideas are enjoying a resurgence. We are aware, mostly unconsciously, that something is missing from our lives. This song and video is us playing around with this idea. That in many ways, we are as alien to our true selves as those little green men are to earth.”

Check out the video below.

Harrington created the video with items he rounded up from various thrift stores and curbsides.

“I spent this winter living in a small prairie town in northern Alberta,” Harrington said. “I wanted to make a video using objects and materials that I could find at local second hand shops, re-stores, and curbsides. Sifting through old VHS videos, toys, construction materials, and lighting, letting the randomness of what was available steer the direction of the video. I’ve always wanted to give stop motion a shot. This was my first, and I had great time doing it.”

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