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Indie88 Premiere: Mise en Scene make their return with video for new track ‘Angel’

Winnipeg’s Mise en Scene have made their return with a lyric video for their new track “Angel.”

The new tune is a perfect mix of garage rock and dream pop, making for a killer ’90s tune that you’ll be sure to play on repeat. “I realized a few years ago that there are real life angels in this world, people who come into your life and accept and love you for exactly who you are,” band member Stefanie Johnson explains. “I’m not a religious person, but I love that sentiment and metaphor. That’s what this song is about. We are so weary of people who are too nice to us, maybe it’s because we like to self-sabotage or because we feel like we don’t deserve love.”

The accompanying lyric video follows the pair as they roam the streets of LA at Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “We were angels in the city of angels! How cute is that? The video is intended to capture the bond and friendship between us, our personalities and us having fun around L.A.,” Johnson continues.

Watch the video for “Angel” below.

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