Indie88 Premiere: Moscow Apartment share Thieves Like Us remix of ’18’

From their recent EP 'Better Daughter'

Following the release of their sophomore EP Better Daughter in July, Toronto indie rockers Moscow Apartment have shared a new Thieves Like Us remix of “18.”

Duo Thieves Like Us took the Better Daughter track and turned it into a downtime, electro-pop rendition of the folky original.

“It’s interesting to have two versions. Our live version is more songwriting and down to earth, the EP version being a little more rock-y, and the third version (the remix) being very pop/electronic,” Moscow Apartment’s Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla explain. “I think it shows that we as artists don’t particularly care about genre with our music, and just write songs – letting them become whatever they’ll become. The biggest thing we have learned in this track and our EP Better Daughter is to trust our instincts and just kind of explore the idea of music production at our own pace.”

Listen to Thieves Like Us’ remix of “18” below.

“The song is also grounded in our experiences as teenagers in the city – growing up in a big city is both such a good and bad thing,” the duo continue. “On one hand, you get exposed to a lot of cool stuff, but it’s also huge and expensive and sometimes overwhelming. I think most people can relate to that time in their lives when they are ‘in between.’ Being not a kid and not yet an adult is hard for anyone and we may have been even more aware of it than most as kids who are doing this professional thing of being musicians.”