Indie88 Premiere: Multi-instrumentalist Caroline Mason drops video for new track ‘Floating’

The video follows Mason in a desolate, rocky landscape

Portland-based multi-instrumentalist Caroline Mason has just dropped a stunning new video for her new track “Floating.”

The new tune revolves around a catchy beat, a pounding bass line, and Mason’s expansive, echoing vocal lines. The accompanying video sees Mason performing the track on her own in a desolate, rocky landscape as she appears to find empowerment through music. “‘Floating’ is about a woman operating out of her strength, getting real with feelings of loss and disappointment while longing to find connection,” video director Christal Angelique tells Indie88.

Listen to “Floating” below.

“‘Floating’ is meant to present an opportunity for listeners to venture into honest self exploration,” Caroline Mason explains to Indie88. “When facing inner discord it is often hard to find resolution in the process, creating an uncomfortable tension to sit with. It is entering the depths of falling apart that we ironically procure resolve.”
Lead photo courtesy of Christal Angelique.