Indie88 Premiere: Mute Choir unveil gritty new indie pop track ‘Familiar Ways’

A gritty instrumental line that rivals the likes of Tame Impala

Mute Choir have just dropped a new indie pop track called “Familiar Ways.”

The gritty song features a booming, grainy instrumental line that rivals the likes of Tame Impala, glimmering synths and perfectly processed vocals. The lyricism on “Familiar Ways” truly shine, with vulnerable lines like, “You say I’m holding you back/ That there’s no future for us/ I don’t know how to react, not this time around.”

“‘Familiar Ways’ is about a vicious cycle where the temptation of bad habits can lead to an indulgence in your dark side and subsequent moments of nihilism,” Mute Choir explains to Indie88. “Most of the song is narrated as an internal monologue, working through submersed feelings and spurs of self-doubt as you question why you constantly find yourself back at square one.”

Listen to “Familiar Ways” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Taek.