Indie88 Premiere: Nathan Ball shares colourful video for dreamy new tune ‘Can’t Work You Out’

His debut album 'Under the Mackerel Sky' is out in August

British indie artist Nathan Ball has shared a colourful video for his new track, “Can’t Work You Out,” premiering now on Indie88.

The stirring new track slowly builds into an explosive, synth-driven anthem, as Ball delivers fragile vocals, singing of inner emotional battles and self-deprecating struggles. The accompanying Greg Dennis-directed video builds on the powerful tune, with bright lighting beneath some hazy smoke, as Ball performs along to “Can’t Work You Out.”

“‘Can’t Work You Out’ came during the first lockdown,” Ball explains. “There was an increasing sense of uncertainty, confusion and fear in the air. The lyrics explore this internal conversation and growing frustration that eventually spirals out of control. I wanted the music to reflect this, so as the lyrics become more intense, the music follows and becomes cacophonous. I tried to put into words how I and others around me were feeling. The song was a real, emotional release for me.”

Watch the video for “Can’t Work You Out” below.

The new track is the latest release in a set of new singles, as Ball readies the release of his debut album, Under the Mackerel Sky, in August.
Lead photo courtesy of Theo Cottel.