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Indie88 Premiere: Only August shares new track ‘The Rain’

Only August is working on bringing his debut album to life, and today he’s shared a new track called “The Rain.”

The new tune is an energetic indie rock track that feels reminiscent of The Strokes, with a driven, yet upbeat guitar line and throaty, wailing vocal lines as Only August delivers powerful, yet vulnerable lyricism.

“‘The Rain’ is a metaphor about the growth of a relationship,” Only August explains. “The simple care and nurture that is required such as a plant needs rain to drink, sunshine to grow, sometimes shade, or space if required. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You should provide your partner with the care they require to grow and be the best version of themselves. So, like a flower you can too, enjoy their beauty. However, meeting the bare survival requirements to allow your ‘plant’ or partner to grow in this metaphor aren’t always enough. Especially in a relationship, expressed with the line ‘don’t stop there, I want more.'”

Listen to “The Rain” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Matthew Guarrasi.

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