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Indie88 Premiere: Pablo Paddy drop video for new track ‘Need to Know’

Indie rockers Pablo Paddy have dropped a video for their new track, “Need to Know.”

“Our latest single, ‘Need to Know,’ started off as a riff that I wrote while soundchecking for a gig. The lyrics were inspired by the idea of identity being in a constant state of flux and the challenge of forging an identity, especially during your 20s,” the band explains to Indie88. “Each verse represents a different chapter in my adult life and also addresses the part of me that wants to stay forever young.”

The energetic track revolves around a dynamic, upbeat instrumental line and silky, crooning vocals with lyrics like, “Say that you’re reluctant to turn the page/ ‘Cause it could find you stepping out of a golden age.” The accompanying clip takes the repercussions of one small mistake, running a red light while on a bike, and it escalates it to a series of hilariously peculiar situations.

Watch the video for “Need to Know” below.

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