Indie88 Premiere: Pale Lips release video for new single ‘You’re a Doll’

Their new album 'After Dark' is set for release in January

All female rock band Pale Lips have just released “You’re a Doll,” the first single off of their upcoming album After Dark.

The powerful rock anthem breaks down the stereotypes relayed onto young girls through the cliches of childhood games. Fantasy mirrors reality in the track, as the band explores the confusion and sorrow that comes with embracing femininity.

Watch the video for “You’re a Doll” below.

“Inspired by pop music and pop art, the video portrays the idea of playing with dolls,” the band explains to Indie88. “Jackie (the vocalist) always wanted to do a stop motion video, so we blended our ideas as a band for what we wanted the video to be and Lynn (who also plays drums in the band) realized those ideas through the scenes and photos.”

After Dark is set for release in January.
Lead photo courtesy of Nick Ball.