Indie88 Premiere: Paper Lions drop energetic new track ‘Rhythm & Gold’

A track about the feeling of falling in love with someone or something

Paper Lions have just dropped an energetic new track titled “Rhythm & Gold.”

The upbeat, bouncy tune revolves around a nostalgic guitar line, a catchy drum beat, and layers of silky vocals. The intimate lyrics revolve around the feeling of falling in love with someone or something, as “Rhythm & Gold” comes packed with relatable lines like, “And this is where I want to stay/ Where we started love and rock and roll.”

“‘Rhythm & Gold’ tried to capture the excitement and fun of falling for the first time,” Paper Lions explain to Indie88. “Falling in love with music, falling in love with someone special and discovering your own freedom for the first time. The early excitement of starting a band can feel a lot like the thrill of an early romance and it seemed like a natural way to tap into the origin story of Paper Lions.”

Listen to “Rhythm & Gold” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Jared Doyle.