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Indie88 Premiere: Racket Man release video for new track ‘scaredformore’

Racket Man have just released an entertaining video for their upbeat indie pop track, “scaredformore.”

The track “was inspired by a dull love life that had lasted long enough for its future to be questioned,” the band explains to Indie88. “The song is rooted in past relationships that test one’s self-identity and expose the degrading effects of following one-sided love.” The new tune comes accompanied by an entertaining video that follows the band members as they work out in 90’s attire, roller blade through a park, and text their love interests.

Watch the video for “sacredformore” below.

“This unrequited love challenges our sense of self-worth, leaving us confused and disenchanted in its wake,” the band continues. “When faced with an opportunity to try again, we find ourselves fighting two opposing forces: fear of making the same mistake and the pressure of time urging us to continue.”

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