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Indie88 Premiere: Safeword wrestle with ‘how not to waste their life trying to stay youthful’ on new single ‘Food For Something Else’

Nova Scotia indie pop-rockers Safeword have shared their new single, “Food For Something Else,” premiering now on Indie88.

The triumphant new tune is all about getting older, and learning to embrace that instead of dwelling on how to stay young. “Food For Something Else” is a slow-building tune, opening softly before Safeword burst into crashing guitars and catchy rhythms. While it opens as a soft ballad, the track explodes into a gritty anthem. Lyrically, the track boasts lines like, “I know I should help/ Before I’m food for something else.”

“I was in a funk about getting older when I started writing ‘Food For Something Else,’ realizing that people born after 2000 are full grown adults,” Safeword’s Karen Koster explains. “I wanted to snap myself out of it by reminding myself that some people don’t get to grow old. But most of the track is just me wrestling with how not to waste my life trying to stay youthful.”

Listen to “Food For Something Else” below.

“The rest of the band stepped up and made a sad song into something that rocks,” Koster continues. “In writing it, I realized that I have to ‘throw my weight around before I go back underground.’ You’re alive, why not make the best of it?”

Made up of four friends from Dartmouth and Halifax, the band calls itself “basement music therapy.” Forming just before the onset of the pandemic, the Safeword rehearsals and songwriting helped its members make their way through grief and loss amidst COVID-19.

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