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Indie88 Premiere: Sara Diamond Shares ‘Three Words’

22-year-old singer-songwriter, Sara Diamond, has released a new single titled “Three Words.” After tiring of having others control her music, Sara decided to begin writing completely original music for herself, having total control over her vision for herself and her music.

Sara shared what the process of making the song was like, along with what the song means to her:

“Three Words was inspired by the frustration I felt from love being thrown as a word, and not an action. It was produced by Austin Tecks and Noah Barer, with additional production by Lowgo. Recording the song was fun, because I was able to get up there in the emotions and really go for it. It’s not an angry song…it’s a powerful song. About understanding my worth after the fact and knowing where to put my foot down with love. I hope people will recognize their worth in listening to the song. I tried to capture the resentment and frustration that comes from feeling like you were cheated in respect to love. Words can only go so far, and if this song can spark that for people, I’m good to go.”

Listen to “Three Words” below.

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