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Indie88 Premiere: Selci shares animated lyric video for ‘A Soft Place’

Calgary alt-pop act Selci has shared a lyric video for the title track off of her forthcoming EP A SOFT PLACE, which is set for release on July 28th.

With dreamy, atmospheric instrumentals and a steady dance beat, this track lets Selci’s silky vocals shine as she delivers lyrics like, “A heart is a soft place/ A mind and a maze.” The accompanying lyric video comes packed with colourful animations as Selci sings along to the track, decked out in bright makeup in front of a white wall.

“This song is drawn from my own experience, but a soft place can be different for everyone,” Selci explains. “Feeling soft is not just feeling good, it’s more of a calm escape or a sanctuary. I like that everyone finds solace in different ways. Initially, I wanted to name the album A SOFT PLACE because it’s what I was seeking while the album was coming together. After I came up with the title, the song fell into place.”

Watch the video for “A Soft Place” below.

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