Indie88 Premiere: Shade share video for new track ‘Combat Rave’

Their forthcoming album is set for release on May 1

Hamilton’s Shade have shared a video for their title track from their forthcoming album Combat Rave, which is set for release on May 1st.

The new track revolves around a shadowy, yet rowdy instrumental line that comes packed with a dark, roomy melody. With wailing, warping guitars and a gritty drum line, this punk and Brit rock-influenced track is a must-listen. The accompanying video sees the band performing beneath neon lights, accompanied by clips of city streets, armies, and punks dancing in clubs.

“The title track of our new album, ‘Combat Rave’ is about broken relationships that, to this day, haven’t been resolved. While it’s unfortunate, you can’t always be blamed for how things went. You’ve gotta be accountable, but you can’t force others to be accountable,” Shade explains. “Know when you’ve wronged someone. Know when an apology is deserved and when it isn’t. Just ’cause someone says one thing about you doesn’t mean it’s true, and definitely doesn’t mean it’s true forever.

Watch the video for “Combat Rave” below.