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Indie88 Premiere: Sheenah Ko shares 3-track synth-wave remix EP alongside two trippy videos

Electronic pop act Sheenah Ko has shared a new 3-track synth-wave remix EP and a pair of videos, premiering now on Indie88.

Ko is releasing all of the songs from her debut album, Nowhere In Time in the form of re-mixable stems. Producers can now make their own remixes with the stems, available to download from her website. To celebrate, she’s released a package of three new remixes. The Synth-Wave Project features a Jean-Luc Huet remix of “See You,” a Glass Apple Bonzai remix of “Wrap Me Up,” and a Non-Zero remix of “Taste So Good.”

In addition to the tracks, Sheenah Ko has shared a colourful video for the Non-Zero mix of “Taste So Good.” The trippy clip comes packed with recoloured shots. It also boasts clips of airplanes, outer space, and more. For the Glass Apple Bonzai remix of “Wrap Me Up,” Ko shared a futuristic lyric video. The clip revolves around a floating car as it makes its way through a bright, digitized landscape. Throughout the video, the lyrics flash on screen.

Check out the videos and EP in full below.


About the stems:

“I love seeing how people interpret my music or are somehow inspired by it,” Sheenah Ko explains. “As a natural collaborator, I’m often asked to perform or record for others (hence why I’m involved in a gazillion projects). It’s important to nurture creativity, and sometimes producers who are just learning or have been rocking it for years require new inspiration. I am happy to share my music in the form of downloadable stems, that anyone can have access to, and create and manipulate however they please.”

Ko hopes that producers will share their remixes with her via tags on Soundcloud, Instagram, etc.

“If I love the creation, I will definitely share it or make it an official release!”

The remixes she shared today are from a few years back, when she shared her stems amongst her musical network. As a result, she received these three remixes from Quebec and Ontario producers.

“Growing up in the rave culture of the 90’s and heavily influenced by the British electronic scene of the era, these remixes take me back to my youth big time! I really love the retro sounds that each of these producers contributed to their remixes,” Ko adds.
Lead photo courtesy of Andy Jon.

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