Indie88 Premiere: Sheenah Ko shares new Andre Papanicolaou remix of ‘Nowhere In Time’ alongside live video

A new remix of the title track of Ko's recent album

Sheenah Ko has collaborated with Andre Papanicolaou for a new remix of her track, “Nowhere In Time,” premiering now on Indie88.

“Nowhere In Time” was released as an ambient in March of 2020, and now Papanicolaou has added a grittier, experimental twist that shines a new light on the stunning tune. Alongside the track, Ko and Papanicolaou have shared a live performance video that sees them delivering silky vocals and captivating instrumentals beneath stylized camera effects.

“As a fan and a friend of Sheenah’s, I was touched when she reached out to collaborate on this remix,” Papanicolaou explains. “I did my best to capture the spirit of the music and infuse it with a sense of wanderlust and nostalgia, mixing in ambient noises I captured at various airports in my travels.”

Listen to the Andre Papanicolaou remix of “Nowhere In Time” and watch the live performance video below.

“I love how Andre incorporated samples from his travels, and when I listen to his version of ‘Nowhere In Time,’ it whisks me back to those crazy busy days when we used to be on tour all the time, always in and out of busy airports,” Ko adds. “It seems like such a lifetime ago with the sudden halt of airport travel and international touring. This is SO fitting for the song’s title, ‘Nowhere In Time’… we’re all sort of lost in time now, and those days seem so long ago. Meanwhile it’s super important to try to be now HERE in time.”

Ko has been nominated for the 2021 Juno Awards for Best Music Video for her single, “Wrap Me Up.” Tune in to the Juno Awards this Friday!
Lead photo courtesy of Andy Jon.