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Indie88 Premiere: Sheenah Ko shares video for upbeat new track ‘See You’

Sheenah Ko has shared a video for her upbeat, dance-worthy new track “See You,” which revolves around rediscovering your inner child.

“When I wrote ‘See You,’ I was just coming to the realization that this is a huge step in growing up, or else, you could become way too disconnected with yourself,” Ko explains in a statement. “It’s an incredible feeling when you can see and live life the way you did as a child, knowing this is who you really are with that pure, honest energy and curiosity.”

The video revolves around Ko’s performance partner Brittney Canda’s father, Larry Gering, who was a trick skier in the 1970’s. The Canda-directed and Vincent René-Lortie-filmed video, which was all filmed on handheld cameras, follows Gering as he reminisces on those days, reflecting on his youth.

Watch the video for “See You” below.

Ko’s forthcoming album Nowhere In Time is set for release on March 27th.

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