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Indie88 Premiere: Sheenah Ko unveils genre-bending music video for ‘Wrap Me Up’

Sheenah Ko has unveiled a genre-bending short film/music video for her haunting track “Wrap Me Up.”

“The song was born out of a time when I spent a few years in and out of various therapy and self-help groups,” Ko explains to Indie88. “The video coincidentally takes place at a type of self-help group with this weird guru lady played by me, and shows a group’s process with dealing with their pain to finally reaching a place of acceptance and love. The short film was written as a hyperbolic and fantasized rendition of mine and Brittney’s live performance, where Brittney usually starts out in the audience and, while I begin singing, almost becomes possessed by my voice and begins moving around the audience.”

The track revolves around an ominous instrumental line, packed with resounding beats and shimmering synths as Ko’s haunting vocals take the lead. The accompanying clip is powerful in its choreography, as members of the quirky self help group through themselves around the room in elaborate dance sequences.

Watch the video for “Wrap Me Up” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Linus Ouellette.

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