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Indie88 Premiere: Sheenah Ko wants people to ‘open their eyes and fight the good fight’ on new single ‘Wake Up’

Montreal synth-pop artist Sheenah Ko has shared a video for her new single, “Wake Up.”

The track serves as the first single from her forthcoming album, The Future Is Now, out May 27th. “Wake Up” is a pulsing single all about encouraging people to step out of their comfort zones and stand up for what’s right. The accompanying video fits the track perfectly, following people working in a surreal workplace before stepping out into the street to dance.

“The song isn’t directed at anyone or any group as much as it’s just a general call to people to open their eyes and fight the good fight,” Sheenah Ko explains. “I’ve been consistently impressed with the social advocacy being mounted by the youth of today. I really kind of feel as though ‘Gen Z’ truly ‘gets it’ and are just so fed up with the status quo that this is how they’re going about trying to effect change.”

Watch the video for “Wake Up” below.


More about “Wake Up”:

“No one should go through life feeling as though they’re a robot, and that’s something I feel has been exacerbated by the upheaval of the past few years,” Ko continues. “With so many people working at home, the lines between someone’s work life and personal life have become blurred. ‘Wake Up’ is a reminder to ensure you’re having some fun.”

Future Is Now is set to explore Sheenah Ko’s optimistic mindset.

“Between my last record and the recording of these new songs, my energy and vibe completely shifted,” Ko explains of the album. “Where my debut record was a bit moody, I very much wanted to focus on the present and being in the moment this time around. I’ve learned a lot of important lessons in the time between records.”

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