Indie88 Premiere: Sleepless Nights Share Glammed-Up Single ‘Kids on Drugs’

T-Rex-inspired track recorded and produced by Joel Plaskett

Sleepless Nights have been at it for nearly 15 years. Formerly based out of Halifax, the band has spawned numerous acts such as A.A. Wallace, The Superfantastics, Quiet Parade, and Kuato, to name a few. Frontman A.A. Wallace has revived Sleepless Nights, moving the act to Toronto and enlisting Michael Small (The Meligrove Band, Bankruptcy) and Myles Deck (Cauldron) to the lineup.

Today, Indie88 is pleased to premiere the newest single from Sleepless Nights. “Kids on Drugs” sees the band lean on its T-Rex and glam rock influences, churning out a short and sweet rocker recorded and produced by Joel Plaskett at his New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth, NS.

“‘Kids on Drugs’ is about reckless youth and cell phone parents set to rock’n’roll riffs and guitar solos,” the band told Indie88. “It brashly marks the return of the return of Sleepless Nights. We initially reconvened in 2016 in Toronto after a prolonged hiatus to record some songs that were written towards the end of our initial run. Following shows promoting the recording – an EP called Keith Hamilton – I hung around the East Coast for a few more days to record ‘Kids on Drugs’ at New Scotland Yard with Joel Plaskett on production/bass/guitar/backup vocals and Jordan Murphy of Walrus on drums.”

Listen to the latest from Sleepless Nights below.