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Indie88 Premiere: SOMBRA shares video for new track ‘Are You Well?’

SOMBRA are gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album Free From Interruption, which is set for release on November 27th, 2020. Today, they’ve shared their new track “Are You Well?,” premiering now on Indie88.

The gritty new track comes packed with a blend of a hip-hop-inspired electronic beat with an alt-rock twist and distorted vocals.

“The song is about the process of opening up enough to be able to ask yourself tough questions,” SOMBRA explain. “Dropping all the shields we put up in our daily lives and becoming completely vulnerable. It’s funny that the song was written in such a short period of time, because in reality, when I feel vulnerable, it generally feels like an eternity, but it’s a passing emotion. A few hours later, all my defences are back… so this works as a loud and aggressive reminder to open up to vulnerability.”

Listen to “Are You Well?” below.

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