Indie88 Premiere: Sorrey release retro new video for ‘Full Bloom’

Catch Sorrey at The Horseshoe Tavern on November 4

Prince Edward Island’s Sorrey have released a new retro video for “Full Bloom.”

The dream-pop track revolves around an intimate guitar line, a dynamic drum beat, and silky vocals as frontwoman Emilee Sorrey wears her emotions on her sleeve, singing lines like, “Pencil in, only thoughts worth watering/ In time you’ll have a garden to breathe in.”

The accompanying vintage-style Billy Moon-directed video appears to be recorded on film, as it comes packed with warm clips of flowers, soaring airplanes, baseball fields, and more. Throughout the clip, graphics and lyrics come plastered on top, flickering in and out of the screen and accompanying the images perfectly.

Watch the video for “Full Bloom” below.


“The song is about waiting for the right moment, even when that means blooming out of season,” Emilee Sorrey told Indie88. “It was born in a Montreal jam space on our first tour of 2019, recorded over the summer, and ended up informing the album title when it came time to release our full length, ‘In Full Bloom’. After sitting on so many of the other songs on the record for so long, the message behind ‘Full Bloom’ really sums up our band’s experience over the past few years, going at our own pace (sometimes glacial, sometimes full steam ahead) and doing what feels right as opposed to what industry and other tides tell you.”

Catch Sorrey at The Horseshoe Tavern on Monday, November 4th.

Lead photo courtesy of Paul Atwood.