Indie88 Premiere: St.Arnaud releases new track ‘The Introvert’

Their forthcoming album 'The Cost of Living' drops on October 4

St.Arnaud has just dropped a new track called “The Introvert” from his forthcoming album The Cost of Living, which drops on October 4th.

The new record was originally written for frontman Ian’s Americana/folk pop trio North Of Here, but his bandmate and friend tragically passed away before the record could be created. Now, Ian is reworking and rewriting the songs to honour his band and the loss of his friend in the new record. “The Introvert” is a perfect example of this, with strong, layered instrumentals featuring powerful brass lines, a driven drum beat, and rowdy guitars as the vulnerable lyricism takes the lead.

“‘The Introvert’ is as angsty a tune as I could muster for our old folk group, North of, and just as quickly, I find myself needing refuge from it,” frontman Ian explains in a statement. “The culture of stepping into being an introvert when it suits our mood is more common than we give Here. I often found that I wanted to get away and find the big party somewhere, but had no idea how to start looking. I was always trying to get somewhere that didn’t really exist, and I was restless in the thought that where I was wasn’t good enough to stay in. Now, it seems I’m finding that elusive party in little glimpses it credit for.”

Listen to “The Introvert” below.