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Indie88 Premiere: Stream Ben Folds Album ‘So There’

“Every so often it occurs to me how much freedom I have,” says multi-platinum selling, multi-instrumentalist Ben Folds.

Before writing his newest album So There, he realized, “in this case, it was, Oh. I can write pop songs for what’s in essence a small orchestra.” After spending most of 2013 writing Concerto For Piano and Orchestra, Folds next decided project would blend his pop roots with his new passion of classical.

Accompanied by NYC-based yMusic orchestra, Folds spent six months writing and arranging between Nashville, New York and Los Angeles with orchestra leaders Rob Moose, CJ Camerieri. Throwing cello, viola, violin, flute, trumpet and clarinet into the mix underneath his usual playful and witty lyrics makes for a refreshing take on the pop genre.

The resulting record is a mixture of new sounds and inspirations that still retains the same energy and spirit that’s Folds is known for.

Listen to the entirety of So There below, which is out now via New West Records.

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