Indie88 Premiere: Stream The Elwins’ New Album ‘Beauty Community’

The Elwins flex their pop sensibilities on third LP

Ontario indie-pop outfit The Elwins will drop their third full-length record, Beauty Community, on Friday, October 13. Today, Indie88 is pleased to offer an exclusive stream of the album ahead of its release.

Beauty Community sees the 2016 JUNO Award-winners for Breakthrough Group of the Year exercise their undeniable pop sensibilities as they explore themes of life, relationships, and finding one’s place.

“We started writing songs for this album relatively soon after Play For Keeps was done – I mean…there’s always a ton of songs to chose from which is how we like to operate,” the band told Indie88 via email. “Frankie [Figliomeni] has four songs that made it onto this one which is really exciting. The process was more or less the same as PFK in terms of approach.”

Stream Beauty Community, which we’ve been told is best listened to “in a car with buddies driving along a body of water at dusk,” below.

“Derek Hoffman did a great job once again at the helm,” the band told Indie88. “It’s always a treat to be able to record with a friend. Also doing the album at his studio was nice because there were no hiccups technically speaking. He knew how to achieve any sound we were after, and rather quickly too. He’s actually moving his current Toronto studio to literally to opposite side of the city which should be super sweet.”

Check out the Beauty Community artwork below.