Indie88 Premiere: Streams Dralms’ Album ‘Shook’

Vancouver's Dralms makes a splash with the release of their first LP

Smooth, clean and hypnotic. Vancouver-based Christopher Smith (better known as Dralms) has just shared with us his brand new album Shook.

After two EP’s last year, Smith has no intention of slowing down, releasing Dralms first full LP. Despite the prolific output, the music on Shook is anything but rushed. With swelling synths, radiant falsettos and slow moving rhythms, Dralms moody tunes soothes the ears and puts the mind at ease.

While tracks like “Domino House” and “Shook” seem simplistic at first, they are built (like much of the album) using complex arrangements that work so well together they create the illusion of simplicity. Reminiscent of early Radiohead and Toronto’s The Darcys, Shook is an impressive addition to the atmospheric rock genre.


Dralms has also released a music video for the album’s eponymous single “Shook”. Directed by Smith himself, the minimalist video works as a slow moving piece of art, rather than a conventional narrative. The video connects with the lyrics about the haziness of remembering dreams. “Well I think, I dreamt of you last night,” he says. “While my thoughts, they are not clear, the feeling it holds on tight.” Check out the video below:

Be sure to check out Shook, which comes out October 2, 2015 via Boompa Records.