Indie88 Premiere: SWANES share colourful video for new track ‘Leggo My Ego’

They've also shared their debut EP 'Trials and Simulations'

Brother duo SWANES have shared a video for their new track “Leggo My Ego” in addition to dropping their debut EP, Trials and Stimulations.

The new track looks at the need to escape isolation, as we attempt to find comfort in a virtual world. The accompanying music videos colourful and psychedelic, with pink and blue clips that move along to the groovy track.

“We wrote this song about a year before the pandemic,” SWANES tell Indie88. “It’s about dealing with and overcoming the feeling of isolation by letting go of your ego. That and we love Eggo Waffles.”

Watch the video for “Leggo My Ego” below.

SWANES will also be doing a mini live-stream tour on different Instagram and Facebook pages this summer to promote the release of Trials and Stimulations.