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Indie88 Premiere: SWIMM’s captivating video for their new single ‘Spring Breaking Your Heart’ stars a pair of clowns

LA psych-pop outfit SWIMM have shared a video for their new single, “Spring Breaking Your Heart,” premiering now on Indie88.

The slow, melancholic new tune comes packed with a soft acoustic guitar line, dreamy melodies, and perfectly dreary vocals. The accompanying video, which was co-directed by Mitch DeQuilettes and SWIMM’s Cookie, follows a pair of clowns making their way through the city, grocery shopping and taking photos of each other, interspersed with shots of SWIMM performing to the tune with clown makeup of their own.

“I was trying to tap into the excitement I felt being a student during Spring Break,” Cookie explains. “As silly as Florida is, I love it, (speaking on beach life/frozen drinks and dancing to Shaggy/less of its sociocultural misgivings) and those weeks in March hold a sacred tacky space in my heart. There is a magic in the ephemera of this season. Spring Break is this cocktail of tourists and locals, baking themselves in tanning oil and hedonistic intent, ready to embrace sand in their sheets and if stars align-some flash in the pan romance. And as quickly as it comes it is gone… giving way to the inescapable heat and humdrum malaise of the Space Coast summer.”

Watch the video for “Spring Breaking Your Heart” below.

“It was almost the 3rd month of quarantine and I was missing Florida more than ever,” Cookie adds. “Growing up there I think my internal clock started fussing, knowing Spring Break had come and gone and there I was, isolated in our warehouse in the most industrial zone of downtown LA, going a little crazy with nary an end nor a base tan in sight. So I sought out the feelings I had being a teenager during Spring Break in Cocoa Beach and I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun living in the world of a song. By the time I handed it off to the boys it wasn’t necessarily a song that would fit with SWIMM but Hany, our gifted keyboardist/bassist reimagined the song and infused it with his own brand of tropical sedation. ‘Spring Breaking Your Heart’ is now one of the more special songs for me as it represents the purest form of escapism; a nostalgia I am fine revisiting any chance I get.”

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