Indie88 Premiere: Taylor Knox Music Video for ‘Running Into Love’

The Toronto artist showcases vintage new video

Toronto singer/songwriter Taylor Knox is getting ready to release Love, his first full-length album following 2015’s EP Lines, on June 9.

Knox’s latest single “Running Into Love” provides a glimpse into the singer/songwriter’s upcoming record, bringing forth a sound that has a refreshing effortlessness to it. The track is fun, light, and best listened to on an August afternoon.

While the song itself is suited for summer, the music video takes place indoors. The video features Knox playing in what could be someone’s basement while images from old projectors flicker in the background. There’s a vintage aesthetic to it that compliments the song well.

According to Knox, the photos that appear in the music video are real family images.

“‘Running into Love’ is one of the more nostalgic sounding songs on the record, so I wanted the video to signal some of those feelings,” Knox told Indie88.

“I came across my Grandfather’s old slides from the 70s and it became clear almost immediately that we had such a wealth of imagery to play with for the video. I reached out to my friend Layne Hinton, who is an amazing artist, to use one of her many projectors to view them. Layne and Sagan MacIsaac directed the video, drew on acetate and selected the slides while Layne filmed me playing and dancing in her art studio. The video came from a very playful, DIY spirit of friends collaborating and creating something together.”

Watch the new video for “Running Into Love” below.