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Indie88 Premiere: The Balconies ‘Rhonda’

Today we are happy to premiere a brand new video from Toronto-based band The Balconies for the title track from their new record Rhonda.

The video, directed by Sasha Golomb Avramov, explores themes of self-discovery and expression at the expense of stability in the traditional workforce. The Balconies’ lead singer Jacquie Neville spoke to Indie88 about the song.

“Finding balance is a challenge for everyone,” Neville said. “How do we find time to be social, creative, alone and reflective, and also find time to make a living?

“As musicians, it’s difficult to find a balance between doing what you really want, and what you need to in order to survive. We consider it very important to do things that fuel our passion, and inspire and empower us. ‘Rhonda,’ our heroine, struggles to achieve equilibrium in her life: she wants to reject working a traditional job, but fears of uncertainty and her insecurities hold her back.

“To us, ‘Rhonda don’t be late’ means that she’s always running behind because her heart just isn’t in the life she’s living. Rhonda negotiates with herself while trying to find the courage to break away from her stale existence, and the male voices you hear represent the counterargument that dash her dreams and try to bring her back to reality. She feels suffocated in the life she lives, and in the dream world, she’s finally free to explore.”

Watch The Balconies’ brand new video for “Rhonda”.


The Balconies play Lee’s Palace in Toronto Thursday night. Doors open at 8:00 p.m.

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