Indie88 Premiere: The Elwins Share New Abstract Lyric Video for ‘Dreamgirl’

Starring their manager’s 102-year-old grandfather

Local boys The Elwins are on a serious run of pumping out lyric videos for songs from their 2017 record Beauty Community. Today, Indie88 is pleased to share the latest video for “Dreamgirl” from the Toronto-based indie rock outfit.

While most lyric videos simply feature text over a plain screen or series of still images, The Elwins are hardly conventional. The band put together a proper video, directed and edited by Zach Rose and Jesse Korgemaa, for “Dreamgirl.”

“The video for ‘Dreamgirl’ was shot at the same house we shot the video for ‘Show Me How To Move’ from our last album,” The Elwins told Indie88. “We thought it would be great to tie the video locations together in an abstract manner to see if anyone was paying attention or felt like they were experiencing deja vu. The star of the video is our manager’s 102-year old grandfather. We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to spend time with him over the past few years, and you would never know he was a centenarian! Age is really just a number. We watched him digging potatoes at his farm with a pitchfork when he was 99, then go pick apples from a tree. Full disclosure, in exchange for him starring in this video, we promised we would help him pick apples from his trees. He couldn’t turn down a good barter.”

Check it out below.

Catch The Elwins live in Toronto this Sunday, December 3, as the Mod Club hosts their Beauty Community record release party.

Image via Jesse Korgemaa