Indie88 Premiere: The Low Joy Ceiling’s New Single ‘Minor Threat And Morrissey Walk Into A Bar’

A new EP awaits the recently formed band

After reading an ad on a bulletin board at Long & McQuade, members from Library Voices, Rah Rah, and Karpinka Brothers came together to form an indie supergroup. They call themselves The Low Joy Ceiling, and are gearing up to release their debut EP Crooked Bangs in the coming months.

Inspired by Guided By Voices and The Replacements, their new single, “Minor Threat And Morrissey Walk Into A Bar” is a fun and lo-fi rock track heavy on the drums and ready for summer. It’s the kind of song that comes out of a group of musicians coming together just for the love of it.

Crooked Bangs, which was recorded in one take with one microphone, is expected to have five songs. Scroll down to view the track list and listen to “Minor Threat And Morrissey Walk Into A Bar.”

The Low Joy Ceiling – Crooked Bangs EP
1. T.D.G.A.F.A.U.
2. Minor Threat & Morrissey Walk Into A Bar
3. No One Wants To Hear Another Protest Song
4. Bit By A Swan / Carly Simon
5. We All Hate Our Bodies